Whosoever holds this hammer……….

Finished the print of the Mjolnir hammer for my son. All the ‘metal’ bits were printed with MakerJuice G+. The handle is made from a wooden dowel and wrapped with leather. Quite happy with the overall result. The main block was printed twice (each about 4.5 hours) as I had a lot of light bleed causing the end facing the build platform to be quite blobby. I filled both sides with putty and cut the better ends off and joined it up to create the complete block. I had to patch the seam and sanded it down. The ring for the handle and the circular piece on top took about an hour and the end cap for the handle took 2 hours.

T-Rex skull with green resin

The black T-Rex skull in my previous post came out pretty good and I was mostly happy with it except for the misaligned lower jaw. So I attempted to print a few more to get it right. Funnily enough all subsequent prints using black resins failed by detaching from the platform even though I used the same settings. After a couple frustrating print failures I tried to alter the attachment layer and it was an even bigger failure. After that it clicked and I realised that the black resin being recycled a few times probably got damaged so I cleaned up and switched to a fresh green resin. So I used the same slice and settings as the black one and it came out perfect, no detachments at all. Having had so many failed prints has made me more aware of the variables. Besides making sure the model is angled and supported properly and that the print settings are right; the quality and freshness of the resin also plays a huge role………yes, I know….newbie discovery of something that is already well known haha.