Learning New Things

Unfortunately this year hasn’t been so productive for me in terms of producing art. But I have picked up some new things. Been learning V-Ray and MEL. I have made a UI containing useful scripts that can help with setups when using V-Ray. I was already aware that there are comprehensive V-Ray scripts out there but this was mainly for me to learn. As you can see in the image below there are plenty of incomplete things haha.



Got the hulk printed by a work colleague who owns a Ultimaker. Had to do some prep work to dice him up into 4 parts in order to print it at a bigger size and to avoid over-hanging areas. It’s about 22cm in height. Overall it turned out pretty good. The only area that took a quality hit was the head, which was a given since it is the smallest and most detailed area. Would love to do more prints in the future…being able to hold something that you made is a pretty cool feeling.

Blah Blah Blah

Trying to do some fun things with the free time I have. A displacement test for the shark. And a new sculpt of a crocodilian type creature. Just my take on a possible evolutionary path. Still got a bit of work to do on it.

SHARK! – Small update

Tweaked the interior and added upper and lower sets of teeth. Maybe just a few more overall tweaks and it’s time for rebuilding the mesh.


Here is the shark that I have been working on. It’s part of the mini project mentioned in the last post. Base done in Maya and sculpting in Zbrush. The mouth interior is pretty much done just got to work on the teeth so it doesn’t look so gummy. Will be doing one more pass on the main body before rebuilding the mesh, then on to texturing.


Ok, first update this year. I will call it done for now, will make tweaks here and there.