Some more prints

I was happy with the last print of the sabertooth skull but just wanted to do a few more prints to make sure I get consistent results. So far so good. All these are printed at 75um with Makerjuice G+. The model of the man is from ten24.

It has been a while!

So I decided to do some maintenance on my printer and re-calibrated it to 75um on the xy resolution. And to make sure that things were working properly I thought I would try to print the sabertooth skull (from Makerbot) which failed many times previously. Basically I got a perfect print and funnily enough the lines that use to show up in my older prints (which I assume was pigment settling) wasn’t  there. The skull was printed at 75um xyz and I was really happy with the quality. Sacrificing a bit of build volume for the increased quality and speed is a good trade off. Also, this took about 2.5 hours to print.

Little Heart Character with Key

This character was created as a gift for my wifey which I still need to prime and paint =p. The basic heart shape and key was created in maya and the rest of it was done in zbrush including hollowing. The print turned out pretty well but I used the red resin as is so there was light bleeding issues. Since the shapes aren’t particularly detailed, sanding will generally solve the lumpiness which is caused by light bleed.

T-Rex skull with green resin

The black T-Rex skull in my previous post came out pretty good and I was mostly happy with it except for the misaligned lower jaw. So I attempted to print a few more to get it right. Funnily enough all subsequent prints using black resins failed by detaching from the platform even though I used the same settings. After a couple frustrating print failures I tried to alter the attachment layer and it was an even bigger failure. After that it clicked and I realised that the black resin being recycled a few times probably got damaged so I cleaned up and switched to a fresh green resin. So I used the same slice and settings as the black one and it came out perfect, no detachments at all. Having had so many failed prints has made me more aware of the variables. Besides making sure the model is angled and supported properly and that the print settings are right; the quality and freshness of the resin also plays a huge role………yes, I know….newbie discovery of something that is already well known haha.

More prints!

Printed a few more things like the sphere and cubes. Figured that if those 2 came out warped then I can see immediately if anything was off with the printer. But it seems like they came out fine except for a few bits that didn’t print correctly and I think I overexposed it. Then I attempted to print the T-Rex skull from makerbot. I succeeded on my 5th attempt. The other 4 were complete failures as they just fell off the platform (you can see in the photo the pile of failed ones), so what I did different on my 5th try was make a really big attachment layer but even then a corner started to peel which I think caused the misalignment of the lower jaw.


Some test prints

I recently bought a SLA 3D printer =D

I used the supplied model of Yoda(I believe you can find it on Thingiverse) and parameters from Kudo3D to do my initial test print. The squashed Yoda was my 4th attempt and it was technically successful, I just input the wrong settings. I reprinted Yoda for my 5th test and it came out correctly so I considered this to be my first proper successful print…YAY! And then the other print is a test using my Hulk’s arm. Turned out pretty good even at that scale it retained a lot of the details.

I can’t wait until I optimise my settings and get faster print results.

Hulk test print on the littleSLA by Brad Hill

I haven’t had an update for a while. But I am working on some projects at the moment and I will post some images in a bit. Anyway, here is a 3d print of the hulk’s head (a model that I made a while back). This was printed by Brad Hill on his littleSLA printer. The quality is amazing as you can see. Next to it is a nickel which is about 21mm which means the head is probably no bigger than 30mm but it has captured a lot of the small details. Check out Brad’s website which contains info on his littleSLA kit and other print tests he has made.


Another TVC – Pingos

This Pingos TVC was completed around October last year. But I couldn’t show it until it aired recently. We used Maya and V-Ray. The things I was responsible for was modelling, texturing, shading, lighting, rendering, compositing and overall scene management. A fun project that went smoothly which is a rare situation.


Click here to find the video.

Commercial Work Gallery Update

I have just updated the commercial work section with 2 TVCs that I worked on this year. The Mr Potato Head one is for Smiths Chips and the other is for Hyundai. There are more that have been completed but since they haven’t gone to air I can’t show them yet.

 mr_potato_head_screen hyundai_screen

Check it out here